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recorded in august 2013 by thom tadsen


released February 11, 2014

ralph, devon, julia, jon, will


tags: erie punk Erie


all rights reserved


Sonder Erie, Pennsylvania

dogs rule.

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Track Name: Blue Skies
tell me, what the fuck did all those letters mean?
you told me all your dreams and that you're coming home to me
and i waited this out
and i made every damn day count
but when the clock ticked down to nothing,
all your fire had burnt out.

but i search the skies for blues like you,
i think i'd die to be like you.
i watched you walking off the stage and i knew
the lights were drawn and i was drowning in you

you had become my new sun,
setting my roots on fire to put them out.
so now i live with the moon again,
but i light matches with daydreams in my head.
someday, i will catch fire.

but i search the skies for blues like you.
i think i'd die to be like you.
i watched you walking off the stage and i knew
the lights were drawn and i was

reaching for nothing
in a cold dark room
where i used to find you
letting your flowers bloom
all over the floor.
you left them red and warm
to stain the woodwork.
you were battling headwind storms.
Track Name: I've Got Straight Edge What've You Got?
if i could get your back against the wall,
there's a strong possibility you'd get plastered on,
just like you always did on the weekends,
making sure not to make memories or friends to fall back on.

bet you didn't think you'd find me here.

i gave you chances to run and you crawled,
i gave you so much to chase.
i gave my body and heart to you
on a goddamn silver plate
but you don't give a shit about the passing of the days.
i gave you chances to run and you just left them,
swept under the rug.

i've been finding homes in other beds,
but i haven't been sleeping much again.
i've been finding "love" in other beds,
if love is just a method to forget all of this

i'm so sick in the way i play my game,
you're getting sick on the bathroom floor again.
we're both sick of the back and forth
and back again, the same old bullshit.
i'm so sick in the way i play my game,
the way they'd only guess and i'd never tell.
the way i spin my web,
the way i knock em dead,
the way i send em straight to hell.

i took the blood from my eyes and i painted the sheets on your side of the bed,
painted a silhouette landscape, it was a series of yellows and reds.
but it's been days, been weeks, been months
since you've stopped to rest your head.
if all is love in a fair war, our bullets are all spent.
Track Name: Writers Block While Composing My Suicide Note
i feel like i've been awake for days,
my head's a mess and my eyes are glazed.
i think i missed the message tone
when you called me to come back home
but now my body's full of poison, of pills and i'm taking off alone.

i'm laying down here in the rain,
praying for blue skies, sunny days
or a drowning fate, a dowsed out grace.
and i'm not satisfied,
no, i'll never be satisfied
so i'm raising hell just to watch the world burn.

i've got a bird in a cage and she know's what i'm singing,
she knows all the words and she knows how they're ringing.
she's got beautiful eyes and a golden heart,
but the space suffocates her,
it tears her apart
and her wings are all broken
so she can't even fly
and i can't afford to feed her
so she's destined to die.

i'm raising hell just to watch you burn in it.

so here we are at this point in the cycle again,
there's blood in the sheets where we said our goodbyes
through salt-dried and rusted-shut eyes.
it's shameful, the things i find comfort in
when everything i love becomes everything i lost
mouthful after mouthful of whatever i find will keep my heart from fighting on.
Track Name: Flapjacks
i miss you just when it's least convenient,
when you're already packed up and walking out the door
and i found home between the sheets of every bed that would let me in,
now just look at the shit it's been bringing me

you gave me a new life
when mine had become too much for me
and maybe i'll never be happy with anything
but at least with you, i had a home to come back to

don't try to tell me i'm not god when you were the one who got me believing it.

i tried to give you all that you wanted
when i feared that you'd pack up and walk right out the door
but you weren't sure of anything you ever told me you'd want for us
now just look at the shit i've left in front of me.

you're so insincere
in all of your avoided apologies
and maybe i'll never understand what you're thinking
but at least with you i thought i could keep breathing.

don't try to tell me i'm not god when you were the one who got me believing it.

maybe i could forgive you for all of this
but i'm not sure you deserve it.

at the end of the day, i'm still singing along,
singing along to your shitty-ass songs.
Track Name: Late Nights In All The Wrong States
remember the day we stayed up and watched the sunrise?
i watched waves crash and skies break in your eyes.
we gave up on everything that year,
scarred our hearts and wrists to find happiness here.
you walked out onto the breaker
and stuck your middle fingers up at the other side of town.
i'll never forget,
that was the moment i knew you.

i'm falling asleep as the sun's coming up.
i wish i could wake up feeling like this.

i watch you watching me
through a computer screen at 3 AM
when you used to be calling me

don't tell me you're not fucking afraid
i know there's way more to you than the shit you take
and i hate to think that we're sitting here,
hours away,
thinking the same thing.

all these late nights in all the wrong states
have got my veins tied to places i may never be.